Album 37: Astérix et la Transitalique (Asterix and the Race through Italy)

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ENNew Adventure(
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  1. Astérix n'Italia (Salvat Editores, S.A.) >> Asturian
  2. Asterix Italian (Salvat Editores, S.A) >> Basque
  3. Astèrix a Itàlia (Salvat Editores, S.A) >> Catalan
  4. Asterix en de race door de Laars (Éditions Albert René) >> Dutch
  5. Asterix and the Race through Italy (Orion) >> English
  6. Kilpa-ajo halki Italian (Egmont Kustanus Oy) >> Finnish
  7. Astérix et la Transitalique (Hachette) >> French
  8. Astérix en Italia (Salvat) >> Galician
  9. Asterix in Italien (Egmont Ehapa) >> German
  11. Asterix e la corsa d'Italia (Mondadori, Verona, Italy.) >> Italian
  12. Asteriks w Italii (Egmont Poland Ltd., Warsaw, Poland.) >> Polish
  13. Astérix e a Transitálica (Edições ASA, Porto/Lisbon, Portual) >> Portuguese
  14. Asterix en Italia (Salvat Editores, S.A) >> Spanish