Asterix speaks different languages - various countries (bootlegs)

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This page shows known printed bootleg editions which have never been sold by (online) bookstores. They were neither widely available to the public like the bootleg editions in Lithuanian, Thai and the Mongolian language. This is the main reason those bootleg editions are not part of the list of translations as shown on the main page. However we do realise that collectors like to have a complete overview of translations including bootleg editions printed on a small scale.

This list includes only bootleg translations that do not have already an official edition. Digital only editions are excluded from this list as well.
Asterix in different languages
Publisher: Genovese
Publisher: Parodi, Italy.
Translator: Medeou.
Italian dialect spoken in the city of Genova.

  1. Asterix e Cleopatra [6] (early 2000's)

Year of print says 1985 which is probably fake. Albums are numbered.

In te l'anno 50a.C. tutta a Gallia a l'è occûpâ da i Romani.. . Tutta ? No ! Un paisetto de l'Armorica abitoû da Galli fortiximi u resciste ancon e sempre a l'invasion. E a vitta a nu l'e facile pe e guarnixion Legio nariæ Romane in ti accampamenti fortificæ di Babaorum, Aquarium, Laudanum e Petibonum...

Publisher: Piemontese
Publisher: Barberis, Italy.
Translator: Walter.
Piemontese is an Italian dialect of the district of Piemonte.

  1. Asterix e Cleopatra [6] (early 2000's)

Year of print says 1995 which is not possible because the style of names on the cover was not available before 1999

Ant l'ann 50 A.C. tuta la Gallia a l'era stàit ocupà da ij Roman... Tura? Nò! Un paisot dë l'armorica abità da Galli fort com tut sosten-e ancora e sèper a l'invasion. E la Vita al'è nen fàcil për le guarnigion legionarj Roman-e ant j'acampamant fortificà ëd Babaorum, aquarium, Laudanum e Petitbonum...

Publisher: Napolitana
Publisher: unknown.
Translator: unknown.
Italian dialect spoken in the city of Napoli.

  1. Asterix E E' Britann [8] (early 2000's)

Into 50 annanz cristo tutti a' gallia e' occupat dai romani... tutta? no! nu villaggi dell'armorica abitat ra irriducibil Galli, resist ancora e sempe all'invasore. E a'vita nun e'facile ppe e'guarnigioni legionari romane negli accampamenti fortificati e'babaorum, aquarium, laudanum e petibonum...

Publisher: Sorani
Publisher: Suleymanyah, Northern Iraq.
Translator: صالح  عه زيز  صالح  (Salh E'ziz Salh).
Kurdish, as spoken in Northern Iraq.

  1. ئه سته ريکس  و  جه نگه  گه وره که / Esteriks u cenge gewreke [7] (2002)

Low quality black & white printed album.

Publisher: Sinhala
Publisher: unknown, Sri Lanka.
Translator: Sri Mewan Bandare.
Asterix is called Suurapappa, Obelix is Yimpappa.

  1. Vurapappaa ge Bharankav [8] (2000)

Small album (19cm by 21.5cm) with low quality 'original' drawings in blue and white. Also known are Asterix textbooks, illustrated stories not in a comic format.
Sold on the market but printed in a very low quality. For this reason we didn't add this one on our list of Asterix translations.

Publisher: Ukrainian
Publisher: unknown.
Translator: Oleg Shankovsky.
Oleg translated the album from German. The album is only available in PDF, some have been printed for fans.

  1. Астерікс і Великий Розбрат [15] (2013)

Ми перебуваємо у 50 році до Різдва Христового. Вся Галлія захоплена римлянами... Вся Галлія? Hі! Одне село, насене нескореними галлами, продовжує чинити окупантам опір. І ох як несолодко доводиться римським легіонерам, які знаходяться в укріплених таборах Варваріум, Акваріум, Ледаріум і Дрібнобабіум ...

Publisher: Bela-Russian
Publisher: unknown.
Translator: Natallia Supei.
Natallia translated the album from English. The album is only available in PDF, some have been printed for fans.

  1. Астэрыкс з Галіі [1] (2014)

Год 50 да н. э. Галія цалкам заваявана рымлянамі. Але не, не цалкам… Адна маленькая вёсачка стойкіх галаў усё яшчэ не пад уладай захопнікаў. Нялёгкае жыццё рымскіх легіянераў, дзе размешчаны лагерныя ўмацаванні Таторума, Акварыума, Лаўнданума і Кампендыума…

Publisher: Kampers
Publisher: unknown, Netherlands.
Translator: Grasien.
Kampers is spoken in the city of Kampen which is situated in the most west part of the area where they speak Nedersaksich dialects.
Anonymous info tells us there are only 50 printed copies. A seperate information page was included explaining how to pronounce the dialect.

  1. De Lauwerkranze van Ceasar [18] (2003) Backcover

Zo'n tweeduzend jöör eleden was eel Gallië (zo ieten Frankriek toendertieds) bezet deur soldaoten van Caesar, de romeinse veld'eer. Een klein dörp, maar groot in un daoden, wol veur de Romeinen niet onder doen en maakten 't leem van die lui zoer...

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