Asturian: Thumbs overview of available covers
We show all thumbs of this translation also when a title is published more than once.
The order of the thumbs is according the local publishing date which is in many cases not equal to the French publishing order.

Publisher: Grijalbo-Dargaud S.A. - Alborá Llibros Ediciones Xixón Asturies, Spain.
Astérix en Britania [8] (1992)

Publisher: Salvat Editores, S.A.
Astérix na tierra los Pictos  [35] (10.2013) Astérix el Galu [1] (10.2014) La foceta d'oru [2] (22.10.2015) Astérix y el papiru de César [36] (22.10.2015) Astérix y los Godos [3] (10.2016) Astérix Gladiador [4] (10.2016)

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