Luxembourgish: Thumbs overview of available covers
We show all thumbs of this translation also when a title is published more than once.
The order of the thumbs is according the local publishing date which is in many cases not equal to the French publishing order.

Publisher: Editions Saint-Paul, Luxembourg.
Dem Asterix säi Jong [27] (1987-Editioun Cactus Createam) Den Asterix op der Olympiad [12] (1988-Editions Saint-Paul) Den Asterix beim Dranazàhd [28] (1988) Den Asterix bei de Belsch [24] (1989) Dem Asterix séng Odyssee [26] (1990) Den Asterix als Gladiateur [4] (1991) Den Asterix d'Rous an d'Schwert [29] (1991) Den Asterix an d'Goten [3] (1993)
Den Asterix bei den Helveten [16] (1996)

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