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Un nouvel album d'Astérix en 2017!
Yes, even if you do not read French, this is very good news. The 37th album is scheduled to appear on 19 october 2017, in several translations we guess. The French publisher has issued a one-page "teaser" on its social networks for the new story. And indeed it looks very promising. Can't wait to see more of this! Ah. Watch Disclosure of the new title expected soon. (20 Jan & 4 April 17)
XII Travaux
On the special occasion of the 40-th anniversary of the animated movie "the Twelve Tasks of Asterix" the illustrated book of the film has been reissued. "Les douze travuax d'Asterix" contains completely new illustrations based on the detailed model sheets that were drawn by Albert Uderzo at the time. We recall that this is not a comic book (with balloon texts) but rather an illustrated story of the film. To check whether the book also appeared in your language, see the page of Albert Rene. (30 October 16)
Asterix in Hindi
The rare and, by collectors, highly sought translation of Asterix in Hindi by the publisher Gowardsons finally has a successor. Om Books International have published the first album Gaulwasi Astérix.  (05 October 16)
Newsletter 18 & 19 from Asterix
Publisher AR has sent a new Missive (in French) to update us on the latest developments in the World of Asterix. Special story book (in the style of Obelix who fell into...) of the Twelve Tasks of Asterix on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the film! A special edition of Paris Match to match this release. The game Asterix and Friends for mobile. New enriched Colección Integral for Spain. Update on the editions of the XII Travaux in Missive 19. (16 Sept & 6 Oct 16)
May the games begin
Just in time for the upcoming Olympic games the new Afrikaans edition appeared. Also available are some extra editions with a special dossier of 16 pages; we know of editions in French, German, Spanish, Catalan, and Basque. And a fresh edition in Sweden. Now before we start let me remind you not to use any magic potion. (20 July 16)

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