11. Asterix and the chieftain's shield
French title: Le bouclier Arverne
Originally published: 1968

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Bouclier Arverne Vitalstatistix (Abraracourix) is ill because he ate too much food for too long. Getafix (Panoramix) suggests that he goes to the Aqua Calidae institute to get in shape again.

Asterix & Obelix travel with him but are ordered to leave the institute soon after arriving. Leaving their leader behind, they decide to take a look around through Averne.

On the road they encounter Caesar's envoy, Noxius Vapus (Tullius Fanfrelus). Due to his haughty attitude the meeting ends up in a fight. Winesanspirix (Alambix), the coal dealer from Gergovia, who saw it all, takes Asterix & Obelix with him.

After hearing about the trouble, Caesar decides to teach the people from Averne a lesson. He wants to be carried on the shield of Vercingetorix, the leader of the Gauls who Caesar defeated in Alesia. But there's a problem, where's the shield?

Hearing about Caesar's plan, Asterix believes believes Vitalstatistix (Abraracourix) is the one who must make this triumphal procession. The hunt for the shield ends when a thin believes Vitalstatistix finally returns. It was him who had the shield all the time.

Guess who's on the shield at the end....