17. The Mansions of the Gods
French title: Le domaine des Dieux
Originally published: 1971

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Asterix Annotations
Review at Alea Iacta Est
Asterix Mansions Caesar has a marvellous plan. Not by attacking the village of the Gauls, but by introducing the Romans' lifestyle he wants to submit them to. He gives the well-known architect Squaronthehypotenus (Anglaigus) the order to build a huge Roman apartment near the village of the Gauls with all the luxury you can imagine.

An enthusiastic Squaronthehypotenus (Anglaigus) gets to work. First he marks trees and gives the slaves, lead by Flaturthra (Duplicatha), the order to remove them. The next day all the trees are back. Fast growing tree seeds from Getafix (Panoramix) give nature a helping hand, but, because the slaves get their freedom after finishing their work, he lets the Romans build their apartment.

A big commercial campaign takes care of the necessary occupants. All of this does have its influence on Asterix village and soon the Gaulish woman are wearing Roman clothes and the food prices are rising. This non-gaulish situation has to stop, and with a trick they can get a free apartment for their bard Cacofonix (Assurancetourix). This is the beginning of the end. Soon there's nothing left, apart from a ruin overgrown by trees. A great relief for Dogmatix (Idéfix)...
Banquet Pirates Guests
As the hero of this story, Cacophonix is attending the final banquet in a natural clearing in the forest, where the overgrown remains of the Mansions are just visible. Our friends the pirates have been helping in clearing the forest for the Mansions of the Gods, and they have been paid for this, as we see on page 31. Guy Lux
Allusions and Details
(page 6)
Drive-in amphitheatre, today we know the drive-in movie theatres, or is that strictly USA?
(page 9)
The physician is wearing the state-of-the-art light on is forehead, a technique nowadays still used for looking into throat or ears. Please note the equipment available for chirurchical operations.
(page 13)
Did you note the funny feet of this desk? What is that supposed to represent?
(page 21)
Look at this magnificent display of body language. No need to answer the question if you behave like this.
(page 21)
Sweet talk.
(page 30)
Guy Lux (French TV presentator) as Quizmaster in Circus Maximus