21. Asterix and Caesar's Gift
French title: Le cadeau de César
Originally published: 1974

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After 20 years of service the always drunken legionary Tremensdelirious (Roméomontaigus) receives what all veterans get, a piece of ground for their old age. Tremensdelirious gets a very special gift from Caesar himself, a small village in Armorica.

More interested in wine than Caesar's gift he pays his bill in a local pub with his title deed. The pub owner Orthopaedix (Orthopédix) decides to leave with his wife, Angina (Angine), and their daughter, Influenza (Coriza), to his new property in Armorica.

What a shock for them when they arrive in a village full of Gauls instead of an empty one! This situation causes lots of trouble in the village and even gets worse when Tremensdelirious claims his gift back. His old colleges reckless by the just newly arrived weapons, want to help him and rush into the fray. Not a smart move...
Banquet Pirates Guests
In the end, everyone is friends again, and we even see the silouette of Cacofonix at the table, chatting with Zaza. We do not meet them, but we hear that one of the legionaries tried a temporary job on a pirate ship. Pierre Tchernia and André Alerme.
Allusions and Details
(page 6)
Pierre Tchernia (1928, friend and collegue of Uderzo and Goscinny), this time as veteran.
(page 8)
image André Alerme (French actor, 1877-1960)
as the 'new' owner of Asterix village
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(page 10)
Well, I suppose that someone wanted to start singing.
(page 11)
Intelligent use of lettering. Is this still present in modern editions?
(page 13)
Jokes with the shield bearers are a big running gag is this story, as you have likely spotted yourself.
(page 18)
We get an idea of the warmth that goes with this message.
(page 22)
The joke is quite prominently at this spot, but the relation between cascet and chicken has been developing over several pages. It must be the wings that make the difference.
(page 24)
Obelix is now throwing dog-size menhirs. Whatch the reaction of the dog while the relation of Obelix and Zaza evolves.
(page 28)
This is a dramatic scene, a severe case of over-acting that goes well with the text spoken. Great.
(page 29)
Children playing with bones. Is there an English expression for such a game?
(page 31)
Z for Zorro, see e.g., ⇒IMDB
(page 41)
The referee decides the time is over. The hourglass dates from later time of course, according to the ⇒internet no evidence of the hourglass until the early 1300s. Oddly enough, it came into use at almost exactly the same time as the first mechanical clocks
(page 44)
Slapstick. Small legionary in the last position. (Next page: small legionary in the first position.)
(page 47)
It is almost as if these women wear the same clothes. Usually that is to be avoided at all times.