30. Asterix and Obelix all at sea
French title: La galère d'Obélix
Originally published: 1996

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Admiral Crustacius (Cétinconcensus) has done something stupid. He let some slaves steal Caesar's galley. Caesar almost explodes when he hears about it and orders his admiral to get his galley back. Meanwhile the slaves, leaded by Spartakis (Spartacis [Kirk Douglas]) have a problem. The Romans follow them and they do not know where to go. As one of the British slaves remembers a story from his uncle about a small village in Armorica, they know what to do.

In the Roman camps, around Asterix village, it's busy too. The Vice Admiral Nautilus (Prospectus), sent by his boss, tries to impart some discipline into his soldiers before the Admiral himself arrives. Asterix and his fellow-villagers, who think the Romans are preparing an attack, surprise them. Both Asterix and Getafix (Panoramix) are worried because they didn't see Obelix during the fight. Getafix suddenly remembers he left a second cauldron full with the magic potion in his cottage. A nightmare became true, Obelix has drunk the magic potion and changed into stone. The druid prepares a potion to undo this terribly situation, but will the potion help..., time will tell.

While waiting for the results, the slaves arrive at the village and ask chief Vitalstatistix (Abraracourix) if they could stay for some time.

When Asterix returns to his house, he finds Obelix has turned into a little boy. The potion did something, but not what Getafix (Panoramix) expected. It seems Obelix has to learn to live with it, which is not easy...

La galère d'Obélix La galère d'Obélix

As the little Obelix takes a walk in the woods just outside the village, the Romans kidnap him and put him on the admiral's ship to Rome. The Romans want to use him to get back Caesar's galley. Asterix, Getafix and the slaves, who like to help our friends, go after Obelix and rescue him. They leave Caesar's galley behind and take the Admiral's ship to Atlantis. Getafix hopes these highly civilised people can help him with Obelix. Alas, the high priest, Hyapados, knows how to get the eternal youth, but doesn't know how to get back to adulthood.

The slaves decide to stay in Atlantis and the Gauls go home. On the way back, the Romans attack their ship and Asterix is in serious trouble. Suddenly Obelix, who's afraid the Romans might do something to Asterix, gets back his old figure and throws the Romans back to their own ship.

After a detour our three Gauls finally get back home. Another story with a happy end. And Ceasar's galley? Well, the Romans bring it back, but not the way Caesar expected...
Banquet Pirates Guests
In the end the villages celebrates that Obelix is back in his own shape. No surprises. Cacofonix is gagged and bound to a tree, as usual. We see Dogmatix scrunching on a pile of bones. Although we see a Roman ship and one captured by the slaves early in the story, we meet the pirates rather late. They are overrun by a Roman galley, but get another one as compensation from Asterix. Boy can be a drummer for once. Kirk Douglas and Jean-Paul Rouland
Allusions and Details
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Kirk Douglas (1916, Amerian actor)
as the Greek Spartakus, leader of the free slaves
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Jean-Paul Rouland (former French TV caster)
as the high priest of Atlanta