31. Asterix and the Actress
French title: Astérix et Latraviata
Originally published: 2001

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After a good hunt our friends enter their village. It looks like an empty village but the villagers surprise Asterix and Obelix with their birthday. Two more visitors appear, their mothers are soon play mother in a way they don't appreciate so much. As presents they get a Roman helmet and sword from their fathers who, due to tourist season, are still in Condatum (Rennes).

Meanwhile their fathers are having trouble, because of these presents. The always drunken ex-legionnaire Tremensdelirius (Baccionysus [also see "Caesars gift"]) stole those items, which belonged to the Roman ex-consul Pompey (Pompejus) and exchanged them for more wine. Pompey was banished from Rome by Caesar and now he's looking for revenge.

Pompey who's afraid this incident might betray his presence in Condatum orders the Governor Bogus Genius (Bonusmallus) to get back his helmet and sword. But how? Here we see Latraviata appear on the scene... Latraviata has to play Panacea (Falbala) with memory problems. They send Latraviata to the village in order to get back both the helmet and sword. And we can't deny she's playing here role with fervour. A bit overacting maybe? Anyway Getafix (Panoramix) and Asterix are a bit suspicious and after Asterix survived a strange situation they decide to bring back Panacea (Latraviata) to Tragicomix her husband in Condatum.

Suddenly several things are happening. The real Panacea finds out that Asterix & Obelix father's souvenir shop is destroyed and both fathers are gone. Together with here husband Tragicomix they immediately go to the village. Caesar finds out the plans of Pompey and sends legionnaires to the area of Condatum. Halfway between Condatum and the village Panacea and Tragicomix meet Asterix, Obelix, Fastandfurius (Pincodus) and Panacea. Panacea ...euhh...this time Latraviata has a lot of explaining to do.

Both fathers are soon freed, Pompey and Bogus Genius (Bonusmallus) are sent to the dessert in Africa and Latraviata gets the first known performers price called a "Caesar".

And Dogmatix (Idefix), what's happened with Dogmatix???