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La Fille de Vercingétorix (Asterix and the Chieftain’s daughter)
Oct 25th: album 38 has been published in 16 languages. (29 October 19)
Asterix published Mexico, a new Spanish translation for Mexico
Published by Hachette Livres Mexico, we consider this version of Spanish as a new translation called Neutral Spanish. Carlos from Spain wrote us that this Mexican translation respects the French original better than the Spanish one. Besides that, it follows the writting rules of neutral Spanish as used in e.g. Mexico and Venezuela. (16 May 19)
New title revealed
The title of the 38th Asterix book will be «La Fille de Vercingétorix», or Vercingetorix' daughter. According to twitter the drawings are ready, but colours have to be added. (10 April 19)
Par Toutatis, un nouvel album le 24 Octobre
Fans who faithfully follow the official Asterix Twitter or Facebook will have seen the first announcements. The new 38th album of our friends is set to appear on October 24 2019. These social media have also published already two teasers. First an announcement page. This will not appear in the final book, but is said to reveal some hint to the story. (Jimihendrix? Famous Gauls??) Also we find a pencil sketch where we see that the village is visited for an "important meeting"?? Search and you will find! (8 January 19)
Tutto Asterix con Gazzetta
At the start of this 60th anniversary year Italian Corriere della Sera will issue a new edition of the Asterix adventures with its newspaper. Each week a new book in more or less chronological order for only 4.99 euros (plus the cost of the newspaper). Amazing, considering they had a similar campaign around four years ago! (Happy new year, by the way) (4 January 19)

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