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Our news items highlight developments in the World of Asterix. Because of the focus of this site these mainly are concerned with the international publication of Asterix comic books. However, sometimes we cover other news of Asterix, including media appearances and new products... All new publications are listed in our Translation updates. But we need your help! Missing anything? Send us a note.
Asteriks i Grifon
In the recent Asterix and the Griffin our heroes travel far to deliver a keg of magic potion to help an old shaman friend of Getafix (Panoramix). The foreign language of the local Sarmatian people is written using an inverted ∃ supposedly to make the impression of a Slavic script. The translator of the Serbian Asteriks has a better trick. Serbian is a language that can be written in both Latin and Cyrillic scripts! Hence the Gauls and Romans speak latinica whereas the Sarmates speak ćirilica. And even the text gives a foreign impression to the reader as letters are chosen that not in the standard Serbian Cyrillic alphabet (like Щ). Well done! (15 April 22)
Mundart - Öcher Platt
A new album has been published in Öcher Platt (German Mundart). Öcher Platt is a dialect spoken in the city Aachen. This limited edition of 5000 copies only seems to be available in local bookshops and the webshop of the local dialect group. (30 October 21)
Astérix et le Grand Périple
While we are waiting for the new book, the official Asterix twitter channel @asterixofficiel is treating us with a series of short gags around the long trip that Panoramix and our heroes are making to help an old friend. I very much liked the second gag, where the villagers that stayed at home are anxiously awaiting a messenger pigeon for news, while in another panel Obelix is preparing a small snack. (5 August 21)
New: Astérix nos xuegos olímpicos (Asturian)
A new Asturian album has been announced for spring 2021: Astérix nos xuegos olímpicos. Also there will will be an Asturian version of the new 39th album.  (30 March 21)
a new Asterix album available on 21st October 2021
Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad give us a sneak preview of their 5th album. The title of the new book is «Asterix and the griffin», referring to the legendary creature partly lion and partly eagle. This year French (naturellement) and 16 translations are announced. In the future 11 more versions are foreseen (see our 'translation updates'). If indeed both 'Spanish' and 'Castilian' will appear as promised, then we will have to add a new language to our lists.  (1&29 March 21)

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