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Language 119!
For december a new language is announced, «Astérix amon lès Bèljes», which very appropriately is «Asterix in Belgium» in eastern Walloon, the language related to French, as spoken in the Belgian city of Liège (Lîdje). We welcome new contributions to the list on our site as always, but this seems to confirm that the right holders are open to more local initiatives! Last year we saw the Mundart version in Öcher Platt from Aachen. That book was sponsored by local organizations. Yes! Distance Aachen-Lüttich is only 55km, so perhaps this is contagious? (22 September 22)
Do like the Romans do
Your opportunity to live like a high ranking Roman officer! Your spacious private tent; a proper couch for dining placed on a cosy rug. With ample food, such as various fruits and a leg of roast. And of course quench your thirst with wine from your own amphora. This is made possible by Playmobil, available from June in Europe. (For the less adventurous: parts of the Gaulish village are available, including its main characters.) (24 May 22)
Asteriks i Grifon
In the recent Asterix and the Griffin our heroes travel far to deliver a keg of magic potion to help an old shaman friend of Getafix (Panoramix). The foreign language of the local Sarmatian people is written using an inverted ∃ supposedly to make the impression of a Slavic script. The translator of the Serbian Asteriks has a better trick. Serbian is a language that can be written in both Latin and Cyrillic scripts! Hence the Gauls and Romans speak latinica whereas the Sarmates speak ćirilica. And even the text gives a foreign impression to the reader as letters are chosen that not in the standard Serbian Cyrillic alphabet (like Щ). Well done! (15 April 22)
Mundart - Öcher Platt
A new album has been published in Öcher Platt (German Mundart). Öcher Platt is a dialect spoken in the city Aachen. This limited edition of 5000 copies only seems to be available in local bookshops and the webshop of the local dialect group. (30 October 21)
Astérix et le Grand Périple
While we are waiting for the new book, the official Asterix twitter channel @asterixofficiel is treating us with a series of short gags around the long trip that Panoramix and our heroes are making to help an old friend. I very much liked the second gag, where the villagers that stayed at home are anxiously awaiting a messenger pigeon for news, while in another panel Obelix is preparing a small snack. (5 August 21)

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