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Our news items highlight developments in the World of Asterix. Because of the focus of this site these mainly are concerned with the international publication of Asterix comic books. However, sometimes we cover other news of Asterix, including media appearances and new products... All new publications are listed in our Translation updates. But we need your help! Missing anything? Send us a note.
Title 40
The title of the new book has been announced as "L'Iris blanc", or "The White Iris". The theme of the book will be positive thinking. The flower is associated with hope, wisdom, trust and valour. It is part of a campaign by Caesar to boost the morale of his soldiers in Gaule. For more information on the new book consult the official website (To light up the forest only one iris need bloom) (20 March 23)
Astérix – L’Empire du Milieu, une conquête internationale
Together with the recently released "live action adventure family comedy film" (quoting wikipedia) Asterix & Obelix: The Middle Kingdom a new illustrated book of the same story has been published. Available in many languages already (Het Middenrijk, Srednje Kraljevstvo), but not yet in english it seems. The book however will not appear in our lists: we only feature classic comic book editions of Asterix. (We hope everything is OK with Asterix: "Astérix ne peut détacher ses yeux de la princesse. Les aillettes de son casque commencent á frétiller...") (8 February 23)
Season's greetings!
Time to pop some bottles (brut!). We wish you all the best for 2023. Health, happiness, and a fine new album for the coming year. (31 December 22)
  Language 120!!
The Iberian peninsula is blessed with several languages, many of which are represented in the list of Asterix translations. This month a new translation was discovered in the catalogue of online bookshops: «Asterix o galo», in Aragonese! (10 December 22)
Language 119!
For december a new language is announced, «Astérix amon lès Bèljes», which very appropriately is «Asterix in Belgium» in eastern Walloon, the language related to French, as spoken in the Belgian city of Liège (Lîdje). We welcome new contributions to the list on our site as always, but this seems to confirm that the right holders are open to more local initiatives! Last year we saw the Mundart version in Öcher Platt from Aachen. That book was sponsored by local organizations. Yes! Distance Aachen-Lüttich is only 55km, so perhaps this is contagious? (22 September 22)

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