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Wishing you a happy, healthy New Year!
 (1 January 21)
This month we celebrate 25 years of the many languages of Asterix. Incredible isn't it.
Obelix would say FARPAITEMENT!!!
 (15 December 20)
Some news from Asturias, Spain
A new album has just been published; El combate de los xefes [7]. One more albums is expected. "Astérix na tierra los britanos [8] with an expected release of autumn 2020. (29 August 20)
Chinese page updated
With help (thanks Huub) we updated the Chinese page with now correct Pinyin. (10 August 20)
Merci Albert
We are sorry to learn that on 24 March Albert Uderzo passed away on the ages of 92 years. Uderzo with Goscinny are the fathers of Asterix. Millions of readers around the world have read his comics and will honour Uderzo by continuing to do so. This will bring joy in our hearts, but today we are sad. Merci Albert. (25 March 20)

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