10. Asterix the Legionary
French title: Astérix légionnaire
Originally published: 1967

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Astérix Legionnaire, 1967 Obelix falls in love with Panacea (Falbala) but she breaks his heart when she gets a message from her fiancé Tragicomix. Tragicomix was forced to join Caesar's 1st legion. Obelix wouldn't be Obelix if he doesn't promise Panacea to rescue him. Together with Asterix they start their search in Condatum (Rennes).

Before they know it they also join the Roman army as volunteers. Which seems to be the only way to find Tragicomix. Together with a Brit, a Greek, a Goth, a Belgian and an Egyptian they drive their instructors to complete madness. The Egyptian still thinks he is joining a sort of holiday camp. No wonder who, wouldn't want to have an army cook like they have!

Asterix the Legionary After their training in Condatum they quickly go to Massilia (Marseilles) where they leave Gaul (Gallia) to join Caesar's 1st legion in North Africa.
At last they find Tragicomix after a tip off from Caesar's spy H2SO4. Due to all the commotion they cause with the rescue of Tragicomix, Caesar finally attacks Scipio and gains a great victory. As a reward he allows Asterix, Obelix and Tragicomix to return home...
Banquet Pirates Guests
In the end Obelix regains his apetite for the final banquet despite the kiss from Panacea. Asterix however, spends the evening in a tree, clearly in love. Cacofonix is also unable to attend. Our friends sail to Africa aboard a Roman galley. The pirates soon realize the danger when the galley comes right their way. They end on a raft, 'framed by Jericho'. Similar accident when our friends meet the pirates again on their return trip. We meet Pierre Tchernia (a friend), Jean Marais (an actor), Le radeau de la Méduse (a painting), and Tintin (a reporter).
Allusions and Details
(page 14)
Just remember, always salute the patrol!
(page 18)
Like the stars given in the restaurant guides, like the famous French guide Michelin.
(page 24)
The British cuisine is not well regarded by the French, as illustrated here.
(page 25)
Very friendly voice.
(page 21)
image The haircut of the Belgian volunteer Gastronomix (French: Mouléfix) is an allusion to the renowed Belgian comic hero Tintin (by Hergé). He likes to tell jokes.
(page 22)
What is so funny here? Or is Obelix getting the joke told on the previous page?
(page 29)
Supposedly a French childrens game, rhyming with 'hair on your ...'
  (page 35)
Allusion to the painting Le radeau de la Méduse (the raft of the Medusa ⇒Wikipedia) by the French artist Théodore Géricault, now at the ⇒Louvre, Paris.
(page 37)
Pierre Tchernia (1928, friend and collegue of Uderzo and Goscinny) as General of Caesar, see ⇒Wikipedia.
(page 48)
image Jean Marais (French actor, 1913-1999)
as Tragicomix the fiancé of Falbala. Tragicomix returns in a later story, but less realistically drawn, more caricature-like, as our heroes.