22. Asterix and the Great Crossing
French title: La grande traversée
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As the 'fresh' fish supply from Lutetia to the village of the Gauls stagnate, we could expect that Unhygienix (Ordralfabétix), the fish salesman, is going to catch his fresh fish himself. Alas, he doesn't know how to do that. But Getafix (Panoramix), the village druid, does have a problem. He needs fresh fish for preparing his magic potion. Of course our famous heroes go to sea to catch a meal.

Using Geriatrix’s (Agecanonix’s) old fishing boat, they end up in the middle of a storm and loose the fishing net and the possibility of reaching the coast. They have nothing to eat but fortunately, they meet the pirates who have plenty.

Picture of Native American After a second storm they land on an unknown island with strange people. There are no wild boars but delicious alternatives instead. After their first unpleasant meeting with the locals, they are soon accepted as their equals.

Although Obelix doesn't understand a word of their language, he understands the intention of the chief when he offers his daughters hand. Time to leave this tribe!

On the run from the locals they discover a just arrived Viking ship under the command of Herendethelessen (Kerøzen) (in the Dutch albums called 'Cristoffelson'). Also, the communication between the Vikings and the Gauls isn't perfect, but they are happy they can leave this strange place.

Back in the village of the Vikings they discover Asterix and Obelix are Gauls and not people from a newly discovered country. Together with a Gaulish slave, Asterix and Obelix escape in a small fishing boat to their own country. Meanwhile they have time to catch the fish Getafix (Panoramix) needed...