23. Obelix and Co.
French title: Obélix et compagnie
Originally published: 1976

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Discipline is far away from the Roman camp Totorum (Babaorum). The Roman soldiers inside the walls of the camp are awaiting discharge. Not a pleasant thought for Caesar whose young ambitious financial man in Rome thinks he knows the answer. "Let them earn money". Gold and goods makes people weak is his explanation. An enthusiastic Caesar gives Caius Preposterus (Caius Saugrenus) all the money he needs to carry out his plans.

Once in the Roman camp Totorum (Babaorum), Caius Preposterus (Caius Saugrenus) hears that Obelix is the most dangerous Gaul. Soon Obelix is part of Caius Preposterus (Caius Saugrenus) plans. He buys all the menhirs and in no time Obelix is the richest and most important businessman of the village. Most of the men work for him.

All those menhirs find their way to Rome. Excellent export articles and before we know many other exotic menhir styles appear on Rome's streets. This over production causes a financial disaster. The sestertii (sestertiën) are almost worthless. The now unemployed Gauls shrug one's shoulders and do what they did before. What can we say? Carpe Diem...

Allusions and Details
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As legionaries we meet
Stan Laurel (1890-1965, British actor) Also see: ⇒Internet Movie Database
Oliver Hardy (1892-1957, American actor) Also see: ⇒Internet Movie Database
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Jacques Chirac (1932, French politician)
as young Politician
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Pierre Tchernia (1928, friend and collegue of Uderzo and Goscinny)
as drunken Legionary.
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Uderzo and Goscinny
as Legionnairs carrying there friend Tchernia
Also see: The creators Goscinny and Uderzo...