26. Asterix and the Black Gold
French title: L'Odyssée d'Astérix
Originally published: 1981

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Asterix Annotations
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Getafix (Panoramix) is worried. He's searching the horizon for a ship. The ship of the merchant Ekonomikrisis (épidema├»s). He needs a special ingredient for preparing his magic potion. Meanwhile Caesar has a conversation with Devius Surreptitius (Caius Soutienmordicus [Bernard Bleir]), chief of his secret service. Devius Surreptitius has an ingenious plan to get rid of the only rebellious Gaulish village, which is remaining. The knowledge of a druid is only only handed down by by word of mouth. What they need is a druid as a spy and Devius Surreptitius does have the right person to do the job, Dubbelosix (Zérozérosix [Sean Connery]).

He's a bad druid but a brilliant spy with a trained fly as a messenger. When Dubbelosix arrives in the village of the Gaul's after Asterix and Obelix asked him for help, it seems like Getafix collapses, caused by Ekonomikrisis who forgot a very important ingredient for Getafix.

Dubbelosix asks Getafix for the recipe of the magic potion, Getafix agrees but only if Asterix and Obelix are not successful in getting oil (the required ingredient) from Mesopotamia (Mesopotamië). Enough reasons for Dubbelosix to accompany Asterix and Obelix during their trip. A perfect way to keep an eye on them and let the mission fail.

Thanks to Dogmatix (Idefix) they find oil, but alas they loose it when they are almost back home. Fortunately Getafix already discovered an alternative ingredient.
Both Dubbelosix and his chief Devius Surreptitius end up as a new attraction in Rome's famous circus...
Banquet Pirates Guests
Our bard is tied to the usual tree without much ado. A family of owls is seen walking over him to reach their new nest. This time the prirates meet a Phoenician ship loaded with cargo, a group of holiday makers (enjoying some rowing entertainment), and Asterix and Obelix. As a result, the pirates end up buying the Phoenicians cargo. The actors Sean Connery, Bernard Blier, Jean Gabin, and Boris Karloff (as Frankenstein)
Allusions and Details
(page 7)
Bernard Blier (French actor 1916-1989) as chief of Caesar's secret police. More info at the ⇒IMDB
(page 8)
Sean Connery (1930, famous british actor) as Druid Spy. Here is is of course depicted in his role as James Bond, which includes his gadgets. He starred in six Bond movies. More info at the ⇒IMDB
(page 9)
A self-destructing cassette tape was usually the messenger in the TV series mission impossible. ⇒IMDB
(page 17)
Frankenstein (character in the novel of Mary Shelly, created in 1816) as one of the Pirates
(page 30)
There is a small scale model of biblical Jerusalem at the ⇒Holyland Hotel. This picture found on the web seems to have the same angle as the one in the book.
(page 31)
Sleeping in a stable in a village called Bethlehem. Probably I don't need to explain that one?
(page 34)
René Goscinny as the Jewish traders' help. Also see: The creators Goscinny and Uderzo. ..
(page 35)
Jean Gabin (French actor 1904-1976) as Pontius Penatus, Governor of Judea. Washing his hands, symbolically declaring his innocense. More info at the ⇒IMDB
(page 48)
Did you note that the surprise of the Roman Emperor is decorated with his Laurels?
(page 48)
This family of birds set off in a journey to find new lodgings at the first frame of the story. Did it now reach a new place to stay?