27. Asterix and Son
French title: Le Fils d'Astérix
Originally published: 1983

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On a beautiful day Asterix wakes up and finds a baby at the door of his cottage. He doesn't have a clue where this baby comes from. Getafix (Panoramix) appoints Asterix and Obelix as baby-sitters. By accident the baby gets some of the magic potion and is having a lot of fun trashing Asterix's and Obelix's fellow-villagers. They decide to ask in the Roman camps if they know more about the baby but nobody seems to know. They only find out that a prefect on behalf of Brutus, the adoptive son of Caesar, arrived from Rome. He's searching for the baby but Asterix and Obelix do not know why. Brutus himself appears on the scene, and as soon as some of his own tricks don't work, he uses brute violence. He burns down the whole village, captures the baby and escapes by boot.

Asterix and Obelix are just in time to stop Brutus. Back in their destroyed village two very important people arrive. Its Caesar just arrived from Germania and Cleopatra from Rome. It was Cleopatra who brought her baby to Asterix because she was afraid Brutus might do something to Caesar's and her son.

After sending Brutus to Germania and letting his soldiers rebuild the Gaul's village, the story ends with a great banquet on Cleopatra's ship.