5. Asterix and the Banquet
French title: Le tour de Gaule d'Astérix
Originally published: 1965

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Banquet Inspector General Overanxius (Lucius Fleurdelotus) gives the order to centurion Lotuseatus (Gracchus Nenjetépus) to attack the village of the Gauls. After their first assault, which is not successful at all, the inspector decides to besiege the village.

Asterix bets with the inspector, using the besieged village as the stake. Several cities must be visited and from all these places they have to bring back their local specialties. In Lutetia (Lutecia [Paris]) we see Dogmatix (Idefix) appearing for the first time.

Idefix in Paris
They travel by foot, boat, horse and wagon, are bothered by Romans and traitors but in the end they win the bet. Map Banquet
They invite the inspector to take to look at a table full of Gaulish delicacies; Ham from Lutetia, Humbugs from Camaracum, wine from Durocortorum, sausages and meatballs from Lugdunum, salade from Nicae, fish stew from Massilia (Massila), sausage from Tolosa, alas no dried plums from Aginum but they do get oysters and white wine from Burdigala.
The story ends with giving the inspector getting some Gaulish specialty...

Allusions and Details
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Raimu (alias Jules Muraire, French actor 1883-1946)
as Barkeeper César in Massilia
The scene you see is from Marcel Pagol's movie 'Fanny' (1932). Also see: ⇒Internet Movie Database
Official site: Julius Drinklikafix (César Labeldecadix), and
Official site: Hydrophobia (Eponine) his wife.
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Playing cards in Raimu's bar in Massilia we see a group of French actors in a scene from Marcel Pagol's movie 'Marius' (1931) Fernand Charpin (1887-1944) Also see: ⇒IMDB
Paul Dullac (?) Also see: ⇒IMDB
Robert Vattier (1906-1982) Also see: ⇒IMDB