7. Asterix and The Big Fight
French title: Le combat des chefs
Originally published: 1966

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the Big Fight Album description:
During the Roman occupation, many of the Gauls take on Roman habits. Except our villagers of course! The centurion of the Roman camp Totorum (Babaorum) tries to change this by arranging a champion fight between the Roman oriented Gaul Cassius Ceramix (Aplusbégalix) and Vitalstatistix (Abraracourix) the leader of the fellow-villagers of Asterix.

An old Gaulish rule determines that the winner will be the new leader. The Romans have only one problem, how to get rid of Getafix (Panoramix), the druid who makes the magic potion.

The Romans try to capture Getafix and by accident Obelix who comes to the rescue, and throws a menhir that lands on top of Getafix. Now Vitalstatistix has a major problem, how can he win without the potion?

Asterix calls for help from Physcoanalytix (Amnésix), another famous druid. But again, by accident, Obelix throws a menhir. This time it lands on top of Physcoanalytix. With two completely mad druids preparing many potions with colourful effects, Vitalstatistix may have to fight without the aid of the magic potion. Getafix gets better after taking a sip of one of his experiments. On hearing about this miracle, Vitalstatistix gets the strength to knock down Cassius Ceramix in just one hit!

What about the Roman spectators? Well they better leave at once...

Abraracourix the winner
Banquet Pirates Guests
Obelix feels the need to go on diet at the end of the story, and just has bisquits with a little something, like a boar. Cacofonix is dangling rather unconfortably from a tree. No pirates figuring in the episode. But we have an owl as a minor character in the story. M.D. Berlitz in the clasroom, and the marsupilami on a billboard.
Allusions and Details
(page 5)
Opening scene. This old person seems annoyed; the reason I see is that he doesn't like these modern style haircuts.
(page 6)
In French this is a wordplay between ballotage 'ballot' and ballots 'bale'. Hmm, almost works in English too.
(page 15)
Maximilian D. Berlitz (American language pedagogue, founder of the Berlitz language schools ⇒Wikipedia)
as Professor Berlix teaching the children Latin
(page 30)
We almost forgot this reference to, ..., eeuh, who is this? (⇒Wikipedia)
(page 38)
Marsupilami, a comic figure of André Franquin,
painted on a billboard. (⇒Wikipedia) And, no, we do not think this is a realistic picture.