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Eugena Wong
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Asterix in Chinese HK
Publisher: Gast Publishing Ltd., Hong Kong, China.
This album was published in Hong Kong in the time when that city was still under english administration. This edition is sometimes referred as Cantonese and therefor we gave it a seperate page.

This is a Chinese edition in traditional characters, printed in Hong Kong. In old Asterix books there used to be a page with publishers around the world which listed this edition, so it is an "official" edition. The transcription of Asterix and Obelix reads "Aidzitak" and "Feipowpow". The style and the vocabulary chosen by Mrs Wong have a strong cantonese-like Hong-Kong flavour. So, it is difficult to say if it is more HK-mandarin or written-cantonese.

The first line of the title is general, and reads:
矮子得   與   肥寶寶   漫畵   冊 / Aizide yu Feibaobao manhua ce (Asterix and Obelix comic story)

  1. 參軍   記 / Canjun ji [10]

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