Asterix speaks Scots - Scotland

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Matthew Fitt
Dalen and Itchy Coo co-publishers
wikipedia: Scots language
Asterix Scots on the map
Asterix in Scots
Publisher: Dalen, Wales
First albums where published together with Itchy Coo Edinburg. Serie continued by DalenAlba / DalenScot.
"Scrievit by Rene Goscinny, Illustratit by Albert Uderzo"

  1. Asterix and the Pechts [35] (10.2013)
  2. Asterix the Gallus [1] (10.2014)
  3. Asterix and the Gowden Heuk [2] (10.2014)
  4. Asterix the Bonnie Fechter [4] (10.2015) title_changed
  5. Asterix and the Sassenachs [8] (10.2015)
  6. Asterix and Cleopatrae [6] (2018)
  7. Asterix the Roman Sodger [10] (2018)
  8. Asterix and the Olympic Gemmes [12] (9.2019)
  9. Asterix and Caesar's Laurel Bunnet [18] (10.2020)
  10. Asterix and the Muckle Rammy [7] (11.2021)

The year is 50 B.C. The haill o Gaul is occupied by the Romans... The haill o Gaul? Nae wey! Yin wee clachan o undingable Gauls aye hauds oot agin the invaders. And life is nae paity for the Romans legionaries that gairrison the fortifies camps at Benedettium, Capaldium, Vettesium and Paolozzium...

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