Irish: Covers overview
We show all available covers of this translation, also when a title is published more than once with minor changes only.
The order of the covers is according the local publishing date, which in many cases is not equal to the original French publishing order.

Publisher: Dalen
Asterix Na nGallach [1] (11.2014) Asterix Agus an Corrán Óir [2] (11.2014) Asterix an Gliaire [4] (11.2015) Asterix I dTîr Na Sacsanach [8] (11.2015) Asterix agus Cleopatra [6] (2018) Asterix ar Pháirc an Chatha [10] (2018) Asterix agus Troid na dTreabh [7] (2018) Asterix Ag Na Cluichi Oilimpeacha [12] (9.2019)
Asterix I gCoill na Cinsealachta [17] (9.2019) (orig) Asterix agus coróin labhrais Chaesair [18] (10.2020) Asterix agus a Mmhac [27] (10.2020) Asterix agus Draoi na Bliana [3] (2021) Asterix agus an Fear Feasa [19] (2021)

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