Luxembourgish: Covers overview
We show all available covers of this translation, also when a title is published more than once with minor changes only.
The order of the covers is according the local publishing date, which in many cases is not equal to the original French publishing order.

Publisher: Editions Saint-Paul, Luxembourg.
Dem Asterix säi Jong [27] (1987-Editioun Cactus Createam) Den Asterix op der Olympiad [12] (1988-Editions Saint-Paul) Den Asterix beim Dranazàhd [28] (1988) Den Asterix bei de Belsch [24] (1989) Dem Asterix séng Odyssee [26] (1990) Den Asterix als Gladiateur [4] (1991) Den Asterix d'Rous an d'Schwert [29] (1991) Den Asterix an d'Goten [3] (1993)
Den Asterix bei den Helveten [16] (1996)

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