15. Asterix and the Roman Agent
French title: La zizanie
Originally published: 1970

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Asterix Roman Agent The senate won't give Caesar the money to expand his legions until he can guarantee peace in occupied territories. Of course we know who causes this problem.

One of Caesar's advisors knows the answer; just sow discord between the Gauls. Another advisor knows the perfect man for this job named Tortuous Convolulous (Tullius Déritus). Just a few minutes inside Caesar's palace and everybody argues with each other. Caesar is very enthusiastic...

Tortuous is sent to the Gauls where he gives the most important villager a beautiful and expensive vase. Asterix, who gets this gift, is astonished. A perfect start for Tortuous to reach his goal, set-up the villagers against each other. It's getting worse as Tortuous tells the villagers that the Romans know the formula of the secret potion, even the Romans themselves are starting to believe it.

With the help of Getafix (Panoramix), Asterix convinces his fellow-villagers that the Romans don't have the magic potion at all. The Romans, believing there own gossip; massively attack the village of the Gauls, with very unpleasant results of course!
Directly after this battle, Asterix faces Tortuous with his own tricks by giving him back the vase with the compliments for all his help. After seeing this, the Romans give Tortuous a present too, a one-way ticket to Rome...
Banquet Pirates Guests
This time the bard is participating in the festivities. Tied, bound and gagged, but he is at the table. Note the nice presents at the tree. Although they are attacking a Roman ship, they are fully ignored because the Romans are fighting among themselves. A little later the pirates manage to sink there own ship. Lino Ventura, the actor.
Allusions and Details
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A lovely trio on original ⇒roman instruments, the kithara, the flutes, and the tympani.
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The village also has a potter, although we do not meet him regularly.
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Dogmatix (Idefix) is eating; he wears a napkin around his neck....
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Isn't all fish imported from Lutecia (Paris)? (Or do I remember this from alter stories only?) These seem fresh, the water is dripping from the net.
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Lino Ventura (French actor, born in Italy 1919-1987)
as Centurion
Also see: IMDB.
The little roman agent (left) seems to be Georges Marchais. At the time this album was published, he was the French leader of the Communist Party and a recognized troublemaker.