28. Asterix and the Magic Carpet
French title: Astérix chez Rahàzade
Originally published: 1987

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As the Romans are ready rebuilding Asterix village (see: Asterix and Son) the Gaul's celebrate it by having their famous banquet. When Cacofonix (Assurancetourix) starts to sing, a stranger falls from the sky followed by his carpet. His name is Watziznehm (Kiçàh) from a country far east near the Ganges valley. He's searching for Cacofonix (Assurancetourix) because he heard about the strange effects when the bard starts to sing. Since there has been no rain for a long time in his country, he needs the help of Cacofonix (Assurancetourix) style of singing.

If it's not raining within 1001 hours, the religious leader Hoodunnit (Kiwoàlàh) wants to offer the kings daughter Orinjade (Rahàzade) to their Gods. Hoodunnit (Kiwoàlàh) is not interested in rain at all; he's more interested in an assumption of power.

Asterix and Obelix travel all the way with Watziznehm (Kiçàh) on his magic carpet to Watziznehm’s (Kiçàh’s) home country. Obelix especially has to suffer because there's not much room left on the carpet for food. As they finally arrive at the palace after surviving many adventures, Cacofonix (Assurancetourix) has lost his voice. No singing means no rain!

During a special treatment from some local doctors the Bard is kidnapped on order of Hoodunnit (Kiwoàlàh). As Asterix and Obelix rescue him they fly as quick as they can back to the palace. Because they expect trouble Asterix and Cacofonix (Assurancetourix) take some of the magic potion. Just as the executioner is about to do his job, Asterix rescues the princess Orinjade (Rahàzade). The magic potion Cacofonix (Assurancetourix) got from Asterix, gives him his voice back.

Finally the monsoon season started...
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