Asterix speaks Pontic (Pontiaki) - Greece

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G. Savantidis (Professor of Literature at the Ioannina University)
Asterikon in Pontic Greek (official site *archived)
wikipedia: Pontic Greek
wikipedia: Asterix Pontic
Asterix in Pontic
Publisher: Mamouth Comix Ltd., Athens, Greece.

  1. Το Ζιζανιον / To Zizanion [15] (2000)
  2. Σπαθία και τραvτάφυλλα / Spath'ia kai travt'afulla [29] (2003)
  3. Ο Αστερικον σα Ολυμπιακα Τ'Αγονας / O Asterikon sa Olympiaka T' Agonas [12] (2007)

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